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For students studying mathematics, computer science, economics, physics, and statistics.


The notes1 herein are inspired by MATH 131AB at UCLA.

Real Analysis Objectives

  • Develop ability to construct clear and rigorous mathematical proofs
  • Investigate convergence of sequences of real numbers and functions
  • Explore the concepts of limits and continuity of real-valued functions
  • Study the differentiation and integration of real-valued functions

Meet Your Instructors

Howard2 works in tech. Previously, he was a teaching assistant3 and then an assistant adjunct professor at UCLA. He loves running and surfing.

Carly is well-versed in gentle teaching, spending much time with children. She enjoys exploring coffee shops and keeps active with pilates.

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  1. These notes are presently incomplete, yet being updated each week with new content. 

  2. See his personal site here

  3. Course evaluations from time as a teaching assistant for 131 can be found here: 2017F evals, 2018W evals, 2018S-2A evals, and 2018S-5A evals